Women Welfare Committee


The Women Welfare Committee is engaged in activities related to the welfare of girl students and female staff members of our College. At the beginning of the academic, all rules and regulation regarding the safety for girls and women were displayed on the Notice Board.

Awarness Workshop on Health

Women’s Welfare Committee had organized an interactive Guest Lecture by Mrs. Mamta Dighe, Gynecologist, infertility Specialist, Founder Director of Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre. And Director of IVF initiative at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune the topic ‘Awareness of Health and Hygiene !’ on 6th August 2015.

Ms Sheetal Rajapurkar, Convener of Women Welfare Committee introduced guest and given the brief idea about the lecture. Ms Suvarna Ranade, Senior Faculty felicitated the guest.

Dr. Mamta Dighe delivered a very informative and interactive lecture about women’s health and problems associated with their health. She explained various issues of menstruation and various painful stages of the period, infections among women and preventive measures, reproductive system in the woman, marriage within blood relations, etc. She also explained important issues regarding breast cancer, PCOD, HPV test, etc.

Dr. Mamta Dighe explained the importance of three things, for having healthy life, everyone has to take healthy Diet which includes protein and vitamins, secondly everyone has to do regular Exercise, and take proper sleep. These things helps to maintain physical and mental stability.

Dr. Mamta Dighe also give information about HPV Vaccine and how it helps to avoid cervical cancer. In this way she gives proper direction to all girl students of MACS College.Mrs Sheetal Rajapurkar proposed vote of thanks. All female staff and girls students have attended the lecture in a large no and good response received from them.

Women’s Day Celebration

On Saturday 8th March 2015, the Women Welfare Committee celebrated the Women’s Day. Dr. T. N. More, Principal shared his views on contribution of women in the Indian culture. He said our Indian sub-continent is gradually emerging as a powerful land since women began playing significant role for the development of the nation. Role of woman in modern India can be called as phenomenal. The transition of woman from the past to present is worth mentioning. Women who were once thought of being only masters in the art of home making are now considered to be the forces that shape the country. He concluded by saying that the development of our country depends on the empowerment of women. A man and a woman are like two wheels of a cart. The cart can move fast and safely too, when both of them pull it in the same direction and with equal strength. Hence no developing country or society can afford to ignore the role of women, if they are to progress. Some faculties also expressed their feeling. Prof. Moti explained about new concept of “Individual Truth” and “Individual Identity” of women in the Postmodern age.